Farm Life

Here at Alpaca Park Farm life is never dull.

When you have animals, you are always busy. They need food, water, hay and cleaning most days. Some animals take longer than others to care for each day. Our donkeys, Donny and Darcie are so playful it takes much longer to sort them each day as they can often be seen pulling the hay net from our hands. Pulling the pooh picker backwards and generally being naughty. At present we have:- Pygmy goats, Angora goats, Pigs, Chickens, Donkeys, Chickens of various sorts, and Alpacas.

The Alpacas at Alpaca Park Farm

Our Sheep at Alpaca Park Farm

We have just been able to upgrade the chicken runs and they all now have plenty of space and a fresh new area waiting for them when they need it. We still need to re paint their houses and once the weather is better we will be sorting that. We also have to make some cute things for them to play with.!

The Alpacas at Alpaca Park Farm

We have just been given 5 alpacas girls. One ‘Rose Grey’ is so pretty but is a jumper and can be seen scaring the donkeys occasionally! If she is out of the paddock she is not a danger to anyone and will hop back once she’s bored and needs her friends.

We are lucky to still have our gorgeous Micro Pig, Winston. He’s an old man now but still a joy to be around. He grunts and grumbles and still enjoys a good wallow in the mud if the weather is hot. He’s worth watching.

We are looking at bringing in some new animals next year. Along with more to do in the playground area (Coronavirus permitting) and starting on the nature area.

Keep watching for updates.

Our donkeys, Donny and Darcie at Alpaca Park Farm

Our donkeys, Donny and Darcie at Alpaca Park Farm

our gorgeous Micro Pig, Winston at Alpaca Park Farm