Alpacas are incredibly easy to look after. They need to be in a herd (one alpaca is not allowed). They are happy animals. They love to munch the grass and wander around. They do not need much attention like dogs, although they are curious and will come and have a sniff if you are still. They are natural social distancers, and must have created the 2 metre rule - try and catch one without assistance and you will soon see how nimble and quick they are... 

The Alpacas at Alpaca Park Farm

We feed them with a dry supplement food each day and they need a good quantity of hay each day. Fresh water is also required.

They have the most beautiful fleece. It is hypo allergenic. Their water proofing is not lanolin (which people are often allergic to). Their fibre is flat, like a human hair making it soft and fine. The finest fleece is their first cria fleece. As they get older their fleece becomes courser. We shear them once a year - not an easy job and not one that they enjoy but they do like the cool feel once it is removed.
We send our fleece away to be washed, carded and spun and it appears back in beautiful skeins a few months later.

alpacas at alpaca park farm

Alpacas have a reputation for spitting. They do indeed spit, but only when they are really frightened. If they are going to spit you can see a large lump coming up the length of their neck, giving plenty of time to retreat!

Female alpacas do not have ‘seasons’ and ovulate when the boy is around. They are pregnant for 11 months. They only give birth when the weather is good and generally before lunchtime. This gives the Cria (baby alpaca) time for the fleece to dry off and find their feet before dark in case of preditors.

We started with 4 gorgeous girls. Party Girl, Cleo, Café and Princess Lea. We now have a lovely herd of 25 girls and boys and are hoping to have more babies next year.

alpaca at alpaca park farm

alpaca at alpaca park farm

alpaca at alpaca park farm