About Alpaca Park Farm

Alpacas have been a large part of our lives for about 15 years. We first saw them at the Royal Agricultural Show (one of the last ones). Our daughter fell in love with them and we arranged to visit Fine Alpacas with a view to buying some. Maxine & Peter were great fun and we chose 4 lovely girls. They arrived in September and we’ve never looked back.

The Alpacas at Alpaca Park Farm

 When you have animals, you are always busy. They need food, water, hay and cleaning most days. Some animals take longer than others to care for each day. Our donkeys, Donny and Darcie are so playful it takes much longer to sort them each day as they can often be seen pulling the hay net from our hands. Pulling the pooh picker backwards and generally being naughty. At present we have:- Pygmy goats, Angora goats, Pigs, Chickens, Donkeys, and Alpacas. 

alpaca park farm wool shop

Knittquip was born at Breedon Garden Centre in June 2013.  We have grown over the last 7 years and have had so much fun together. Recently relocated our new Knittiquip wool shop now has more space for all your knitting and craft supplies. Come and browse our range of wools, or join one of our knit and natter groups.

piglets at alpaca park farm

alpaca at alpaca park farm